Developing successful partnerships

Biolog Europe and BSMA in United States have joined forces to create BSMA Europe non profit organization with the increasing complexity of products and environment and the necessity of having operational excellence, Supply Chain matters have become more and more important for Life Sciences organizations and in order to save lives. Namely for some of these reasons but also because the sector is in a huge evolution while needing more collaboration across the supply chain and between peers, we, Biolog Europe and BSMA USA have joined forces to launch Bio Supply Management Alliance Europe. Our goal is to create a community of professionals that will share vision and strategy and develop innovation in the supply chain.


The mission of BSMA is to help supply chain professionals build an effective and efficient supply chain STRATEGY for the Life Sciences industry by developing, advancing, and disseminating best practices, knowledge, and research; to INNOVATE by encouraging and promoting the highest quality and clinical outcomes in patient care and welfare; and, to build a COMMUNITY of thought and practice leaders from the business, professional association and academic sectors for information exchange, shared services, and collaboration. In the USA, it achieves its objectives through Conferences, Technology Showcases, Publications, Webinars and Steering Committees that pursue its mission.

Expertise to expand into the European Market

The Expansion of your business in Europe is a major step in the development of your Company. This brings with it many potential obstacles to go through and face…BioLog Europe is offering tailored solutions for companies thinking about expanding. From a small sales structure to a manufacturing site, BioLog Europe will guide you on each step of your business creation. 

Acting as your Facilitator we will assist your company in: